Itineraries & Packages

This section of the site, not yet available, will contain the main results of the project: the itineraries and tour packages for all aimed at making the Lombard heritage known and appreciated by tourists visiting tourism destinations in Italy and Slovenia where this ancient people pass through or settled.
The itineraries, shown on a map, will wind so as to touch the historical and artistic sites where the Lombards have left traces of their presence, not only in a tangible way but also in terms of handicraft, culinary and cultural traditions.
The packages, instead, will contain proposals for the stay and the visit, already packed by the project experts and designed to guarantee the best satisfaction of the knowledge and recreational needs of visitors.
Besides the description of the main attractions of the Lombard heritage and the tourist services included in the offers, the presentation of itineraries and packages will contain detailed information on their accessibility characteristics so that every visitor will be able to choose the proposals most suitable to his or her specific needs.