The Lombards’ settlement

A day dedicated to the Lombard heritage in Rifnik, Šentjur pri Celju and Celje

  • Morning departure from Ljubljana to the first destination, Rifnik (individuals are welcome to join us at the venue). Meeting point is at hill Rifnik, by the information cottage. A tourist guide will take you to the top of the hill, where you will find out more about the Roman and Lombard remains at the archaeological park. You will also have a great view over Šentjur pri Celju, the town in the vicinity of the Rifnik and our next stop.
  • Visit to the Museum of Rifnik treasure in Šentjur, where a large collection of artefacts is exhibited. Some of them date back to the period extending from the Early Stone Age to the arrival of the Slavs.
  • Stop for lunch in Celje, another old, historically rich town.
  • In the afternoon short walk through the centre of Čelje.
  • Return to Ljubljana.

Summary information on accessibility*
A full day trip to Rifnik and Šentjur pri Celju requires a good physical condition and it is not fully accessible to wheelchair users. The path to Rifnik is steep, covered with grass and with small stones all over and can be slippery. Slow walk up the hill takes half an hour from the meeting point. Archaeological park is not accessible with a car. Archaeological park is mainly covered with grass and stones. There are few benches at the top of the hill. However, if you are a wheelchair user and would like to take this trip, please notify tour operator in advance so that all the necessary arrangements can be made.
Museum of Rifnik treasure is accessible by wheelchair users and other visitors with reduced mobility. The exhibition is not adapted to sensory impaired persons.
Restaurants in Celje don’t have wheelchair user accessible toilet.

Price per person:

  • with at least 45 participants: € 32
  • with at least 25 participants: € 40
  • with at least 8 participants: € 68
  • individuals joining the group, own transportation: 35 eur
  • individuals (fewer than 8 persons): by request, special arrangements.

Price includes: tourist guide, transport, lunch, all entrance tickets and VAT.

* Detailed information on the accessibility features of the Lombard points of interest can be consulted on the ALL project website in the descriptive page of the itineraries:

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