Timelines have been carefully considered, ensuring a relaxed schedule with the dual aim of better savouring the atmosphere of the places and the richness of the Lombard heritage and ensuring that the tour is suited to slow walkers and others who may require a more gentle pace.
Urban routes have chosen so that they can be walked without too much effort, even by tourists with mobility difficulties.
The restaurants and hotels suggested in the packages are selected among those for which detailed and verified information on accessibility have been collected and are individually identified and proposed to customers according to their specific needs.
Despite paying attention to many access details, the proposed packages may not be fully accessible for all customers, given that we are all different and have unique requirements. In general we have tried to ensure that the needs of the majority of wheelchair users will be met.
Anyway, thanks to the knowledge of the accessibility features of the Lombard cultural sites following our detailed assessment, the proposed packages can be tailored to the needs of all potential customers, including wheelchair users, through specific planning and arrangements.
The price of the proposed packages is indicative and should be agreed with the tour operator from time to time, also on the basis of the specific arrangements that may be required.